Keone Hon – Massachusetts Gamma (MIT)

keone-honHi!  My name is Keone, and I’m proud to be representing Phi Delta Theta as a blogger.

I’m a Phi Delt at the Massachusetts Gamma chapter, which is at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, MA.  I’m a sophomore studying computer science and math.

I grew up in California and Nevada and spent most of my high school at Phillips Exeter Academy, a boarding school in Exeter, NH.  I had a great time at Exeter and my experience there was one reason why I ended up going Greek.  Upon reflecting on the close bonds I formed with the twenty-three guys in my dorm back at Exeter, I realized that I wanted to live with my best friends by joining a fraternity.  It was then a matter of finding the right one.  During Rush I was extremely impressed by all of the guys I met at Phi Delt and I realized that they were exactly the kind of people I wanted to become.  They were friendly, smart, funny; they were good students; they were dedicated to their passions; and they were men of upstanding character.  It was an easy decision, and I haven’t looked back since.

Around MIT, I’m busy with classes in computer science, math, and finance.  I also am involved in MIT’s student government, where I serve as president of the Association of Student Activities, the governing body for MIT student clubs, and as a student senator representing fraternities at MIT.  I help with the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, an annual math contest for high schoolers; this year I served as the Tournament’s treasurer and organized one of the three tests.  Outside of that, I play for the MIT ultimate frisbee team, I advise a group of nine freshmen, I grade problem sets for two classes, and I co-coordinate an orientation program for incoming freshmen who are interested in electrical engineering and computer science.

Right now, my big project is finding a summer internship.  It’s interview season, so for the past month, I’ve been suiting up two to four times a week to talk to company recruiters and software engineers.  It’s been an exciting run so far.  I just got back from a two-day trip to Minnesota where I interviewed with Thomson Reuters, the industry leader in legal information; in addition to getting to talk to a number of software engineers, the other candidates and I got to visit the Mall of America.  This interview process should be wrapping up in a few weeks; I have a few offers, and it will be tough when I have to make my decision in mid-March.  But so far it’s been a lot of fun.

Overall, life is busy but very pleasant.  And at the end of each day, I love coming home to hang out with my brothers in our house in Kenmore Square, Boston.  I wouldn’t trade the great conversations, the crazy escapades, or the sense of trust, loyalty, and brotherhood that we share together for anything else in the world.

That’s about all for now, but I’m sure you’ll hear more from me in a bit.

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